The following graphic representations were provided by K. Hastings after he installed the Big Mouth on his C4 Corvette He's shared his own data over a range of driving conditions and the results speak well of the real world performance he's gotten from his Big Mouth. Keep in mind that each Corvette is going to respond according to its environment its overall condition and various other factors. Your own results may vary a bit from these numbers, based on a combination of normal operational variables.

Testing The Big Mouth Air Dam Graph

What these graphs indicate is that under normal operating conditions the Corvette without the BMAD ran hotter. Once you install the Big Mouth Performance Air Dam your operating temperatures and cool down sequence will change dramatically. The reason this occurs in all corvettes is because we have changed the low pressure zone stock with a high pressure zone BMAD.

An added feature which is appreciated by all Corvette owners is our testing has provein that with the BMAD, your radiator cavity will stay cleaner. There is other benefits as well, The Big Mouth Performance Air Dam absolutely looks cool, ask anyone that has one.


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