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The Big Mouth Performance Air Dam is an easy to install  , almost out of sight way to significantly increase air flow into your engine compartment. It is an effective means of lowering  your corvette's coolant temperatures as well as adding performance, plus quickening  recovery time with a dramatic increase in  ambient air.
As we all know, lower fluid temperatures mean higher dependability and performance .The Big Mouth works hand in hand with existing air induction systems by increasing the  static pressure. Plus helps prevent water contamination and road trash from entering your corvette's radiator system .


he Big Mouth Performance Air Dam is constructed from heavy gauge aluminum which has been formed to an optimal performance configuration in order to maximize usable  airflow. The Big Mouth presents an extremely low visual impact of less than 2 inches with a modest 18░ profile angle . It's unobtrusive design allows you to maximize the air flow to your engine compartment , therefore decreasing coolant temperatures a minimum of 3 and as high as 10 degrees, plus speeding up your Corvette's recovery times depending on your set up. Along with, so much more ! here is a list of attributes after install. Take a look at our Tech Data section and Testimonials , for Evaluations , real life Testing and Pictures.

Our development testing has shown marked increase in CFM (cubic feet per minute) in directed  airflow to the radiator of the C4 and C5 Corvettes under normal driving conditions.  The airflow increases as acceleration increases, lowering corvette temperatures for greater protection and dependability even under heavy performance conditions.
                                              Alton "Tuna" Aero Space Engineer and his findings.

Benefits:  Big Mouth Performance Air Dam for your Cheverolet Corvette C4 and C5 Corvette?
                                                            Ask anyone that has one !

C5 BMAD Install


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