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Finding and Buying Affordable Auto Insurance  

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Affordable auto insurance is not beyond your reach, even if you own a car that requires full coverage or have a houseful of teenage drivers. Affordability is a relative term, and what one individual may consider as exorbitant may be a great deal to someone else. Fortunately, the Internet offers car insurance shoppers a lot of flexibility and range. There are excellent deals available, if you spend a little time looking for them.

The factors that you can’t change, maybe because your car is financed or the teenagers are a little too old to put up for adoption, doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. Many car insurance websites offer side by side comparisons of insurance rate quotes, and you can choose the one that best suits your financial situation. The range differential is surprisingly broad; a comparative case study of a hypothetical car insurance shopper yielded insurance quotes that varied by as much as $68 per month, to as little as $10 a month. In this case, the hypothetical buyer was a married man, white-collar worker, who owned his own home and car, and needed very basic minimum insurance for a Toyota Camry.

Naturally, your own individual requirements will yield different results, but don’t be surprised if there are significantly better offerings out there. The insurance market has become highly competitive, with over 2,500 car insurance providers who should be vying for your business, by offering competitive rates and good customer service.

Interestingly, you shouldn’t assume that the insurance company from which you received the highest premium quote will be the one with the best customer service. That’s often not the case. The insurer who gave you the highest quote may not have the best rating; conversely, you shouldn’t assume that the least expensive insurer will have a poor rating. Every insurance company has a rating, which is based on their financial strength. To determine an insurer’s financial strength visit the A.M. Best Company website. JD Powers and Associates regularly surveys customers to determine customer satisfaction levels, including pricing, policy offerings, billing and payment system, and accessibility to their customer service team.

You probably shop around for the best deal you can get when you’re buying a big ticket item, be it a house, car or a new plasma television. Consider car insurance as a big ticket item, too. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance with ample coverage, you need to shop around for it.

There are more than 2,500 car insurance providers in the United States. And the truth is that there’s not just one best company for everyone. Your job is to find the one that’s best for you. This means the least expensive car insurance rates for the coverage and service that you need.

Look beyond the marketing hype

Insurance companies bombard the average consumer with messages – through television, radio, news print, online blogs, magazine articles and even billboards – all of which are intended to convince you that their product, and only their product, will be the answer to your car insurance prayers. You’ve no doubt heard the slogans, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” “Nationwide is on your side,” “Have you Met Life today?” or this old favorite from Geico, “it’s so easy, even a caveman could do it.”

Just remember to look beyond the marketing hype and get the details of exactly what each company offers. It can mean a big difference in premiums and an even bigger difference should you ever need to make a claim.

Established car insurance companies

Here is a short list of some of the larger and frequently searched insurers.

Short list of the larger car insurance companies
State Farm
21st Century Insurance
Liberty Mutual
American Family
Farmers Insurance
GMAC Insurance
Cotton States
Seminole Casualty Insurance

How does the insurance company rate?

Don’t neglect to check out an insurer before committing to them. Even if their policy and price is good, it’s important to know that the company you choose has not only the financial capacity and resources to pay claims, but that has good customer service responsiveness, as well.

Look at one or more reputable rating services such as Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best or Moody’s to get important financial and service information about the insurer.

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